KRTV Evening Top News – Sun April 12

Top stories on KRTV for the evening of Sunday, April 12:

– Authorities have actually recognized the victim of a fatal crash on Interstate 15 near Ulm Friday night. Waterfall County Constable Bob Edwards verified that 84-year-old George Winzenburg of Williston, ND passed away in the crash. Click right here for more details.-With sunlight

and warm weather, usually come lower restraints but according to Lewis and Clark County Constable Leo Dutton, now is the time for increased awareness. Click right hereVisit this site for more information.-Snow blanketed much of western Montana over night into Sunday morning and, some Bitterroot locals spent the day cleaning up after wind gusts came through on Saturday. Click here for details.-Ten museums around the Great Falls opened their doors Sunday for the yearly Sunday Sampler. The Great Falls Museums Consortium has held the event for the past 15 years and organizers say the museums come together to share information and training programs, and to pool resources for promotions.-Great Falls art enthusiasts opened their wallets for the Paris Gibson Square Museum of Arts annual auction Saturday night. This is the very first time the event was held in the historical Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art building.-In a special red carpet event at Glacier Cinemas, the movie “Cut Bank “was evaluated in its namesake of Cut Bank, Montana.

Click to see details, video, and the film trailer.


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