Programs Teach Smart Money Management

By Peter H. Milliken

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The Public Library associated with Youngstown in addition to Mahoning Region is featuring free applications this month that teach economic literacy.

The programs, segmented by age group levels, give attention to Money Intelligent Week, Apr 23-30, the industry public-awareness marketing campaign created inside 2002 from the Federal Reserve Bank regarding Chicago.

The campaign goal is to educate consumers approaches to better control their money.

“We recognize that folks at all era levels can benefit from learning wise skills, ” said Josephine Nolfi, the library system’s director of youth solutions and programming.

“If youngsters begin to be familiar with concepts behind stories that actually are reflecting of smart money practices, which will enhance their lifestyles as they change into in fact managing their particular money, ” she mentioned.

“A lots of people you do not have money-management or perhaps money-saving methods, ” Nolfi added. “They simply survive day-to-day, paycheck to salary, and I think that, over the long term, that makes their own lives a lot harder. ”

The girl acknowledged, nevertheless , that some people have no surplus to save.

The particular campaign is usually valuable in training teens plus adults, that may not have got much money, the skills to higher manage their own limited cash, said Jeremy Loew, typically the library system’s communications, advertising and advertising director.

For 2- and 3-year-olds, a program regarding age-appropriate tales and actions will take place in 10: 35 is Thurs at the Poland library branch, 311 T. Main St

For 4- and 5-year-olds, the program will take place at six pm 04 21, also at Belgium library.

Both in programs, each child are getting a free piggy bank to inspire money saving. Kids must be accompanied by an adult.

“One of the crucial concepts that we cover in those programs for the youngest children is the difference between would like and needs, inches Nolfi said. “That is usually something that is very easily recognized at that age, that has, clearly, very considerable implications in the future. ”


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