Show It All: Charting The Week’s Top Tales

The world mourned a story, Hillary Clinton made history, and Donald Trump received grief through both sides in the aisle.

Heres a look back at those reports and the days other best news — in the form of 5 charts:

one Thousands Commemorate Muhammad Alis Life

A funeral service for Muhammad Ali upon Thursday drew thousands of lovers to the boxers hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, where mourners prayed over the body of a person who battled in the engagement ring and sought peace outside it. Ali, a three-time heavyweight champion known for his showmanship, politics activism plus devotion to humanitarian will cause, died last Friday of solid waste shock within an Arizona medical center. He was seventy four. Ali and his family organized his memorial for a decade, making sure it might honor his / her Muslim faith while also adapting towards the demands of Western media-driven culture. Having been due to be buried about Friday, after having a funeral retraite and before one last goodbye whenever thousands more will gather for an interfaith service.


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