South Portland Loses ‘Company Friendly’ Classification

In 2013, Gov. Paul LePage honored South Portland as a business friendly community and the city set up an indicator to show off its status.But a vote

about preventing tar sands oil being brought into South Portland caused a modification in status. Department of Economic and Neighborhood Development Director George Gervais fulfilled with Assistant City Supervisor Jon Jennings in February and informed him of the decision.The administration is really dissatisfied and finds it hard to think that regional chosen leaders in South Portland would then reverse and pass a regulation (Clear Skies) that is plainly anti-business, anti-growth and anti-jobs. What message does this send out to the companybusiness community that might be left questioning, what business sector will be targeted next? Doug Ray, communications manager for DECD, stated in an email.The city passed

a regulation avoiding infrastructure modifications that would permit tar sands oil to be brought to South Portland, City Councilor Tom Blake stated. The Portland Pipeline Line Corporation has actually filed a lawsuit versus the ordinance.Blake disputed the state decision.In my opinion thats definitely ludicrous.

Youd be hard pushed to discover another municipality in the state of Maine thats as business friendly as South Portland, he said. South Portland Mayor Linda Cohen, who is likewise president of South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Community Chamber of Commerce, disagreed with Gov. LePages administrations move.I absolutely disagree with him specifying we are not business friendly. We are very business friendly and we work with a lot of businesses in South Portland, big and little, Cohen said.South Portland is the very first community to lose its accreditation, Ray said. It is not noted among the companybusiness friendly cities and towns on the DECD website.The guv has chosen to do that and its absolutely his prerogative. Its his award to give, Cohen said.The business friendly neighborhood sign is in storage, Blake said.


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